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Please Note!: The Case Status Report may require approximately 8 minutes or more to run depending on the time range selected and number of filings by a given attorney. Shorter period ranges may produce faster reports but attorneys with many City Court filings will produce numerous pages of information. Although the browser search feature may be used to locate specific items, it is suggested that attorneys download the contents of these reports to their local hard drives or maintain a printed copy for reference.


Also, users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the report tool bar. New report parameters may be added by clicking the   “Lightning Bolt”. Additionally, users may move from page to page by clicking the   buttons.


  1. Civil Docket
  2. Civil Case Status Sorted by Attorney
  3. Civil Answers Filed Per Case
  4. Civil summons Return List
  5. Civil New Suit Filings
  1. Criminal Dockets
  2. Criminal History (Pending/Final)
  3. Delinquent Parking Tickets
  4. Warrant Lookup

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